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Decoding Bible Messages

a book by John A. Mapp Jr.

138 Pages

In his book Decoding Bible Messages, author John A. Mapp Jr. shines a laser on the Old Testament. Mapp provides numerous examples to bring Jesus out of the symbolism used by Old Testament writers. Passages that, at first look, seemed to have nothing to do with Jesus take on new meaning. For example, Mapp explains how the manner in which the Passover lamb was slaughtered is a symbolic portrayal of Jesus’s crucifixion. Through Mapp’s research, you’ll discover the Old Testament is truly a hologram of Jesus Christ.
Published by
WestBow Press on September 18, 2015

Book Tags
Religion | Biblical Studies (General)

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Decoding Bible Messages by John A. Mapp Jr.

Decoding Bible Messages

by John A. Mapp Jr.

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